Laboratories and Tests:

The company with possessing more than 30 devices and laboratory equipment has become one of the most complete laboratories for bolts and nuts testing thorough out the Middle East.

Laboratory Equipment:
  1. Quantometre device
  2. Friction tester device
  3. Universal hardness testing device
  4. Profile Projector device
  5. 60 tones tensile device
  6. Salt spray device
  7. Metallography equipment (microscope and image analysis software)
  8. Laser coating thickness measuring device
  9. Types of dimensional calibration equipment
List of Tests:
  1. Types of tensile and compressive tests
  2. Types of hardness testing
  3. Dimensional measurement and shadowgraph
  4. Coating thickness measurement by X-Ray
  5. Coating corrosion resistance measurement.
  6. Coating sustainability against rubbing (Rubbing test)
  7. Structure logy (metallography)
  8. Torque-meter test (Torque measurement)
  9. Calibration (Length Precise measurement instrument)
  10. Material analysis (Quantometre)
  11. Coefficient of friction measurement
  12. The required torque determination to reach the specific preload in a part

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