About Us

Iran Tohid industrial group is founded in 1979 and was put into operation in 1994 with a capacity of 2000 tons per year and with over 40 million dollars capital in Kaveh industrial city located in Saveh town in an area of 23000 square meters.

The major activities of the company considering expert human resource, mechanized production technology and modern laboratory capabilities and facilities was attracted towards automotive and industrial big companies since beginning of 1998 and soon, in a very short period it could allocate a special place in production of bolts, nuts and tried to improve it continuously.

The main goal of establishing the company was to produce all kinds of bolts and nuts with cold forging method in accordance with prevailing standards in the world such as JIS, ISO, PSA, MES, NES, KES, DIN and the others.

The entire machines of the factory is purchased from reputable and valid manufactures from Europe and Japan and the continuous heat treatment furnaces fed from Japan (NIPON) and Taiwan (SAN YUNG), and at the present time considering the standard requirements and measurements and also with the demands of our consumers by achieving ISO 9001-2008 and ISO/TS 16949-2009 certifications the needs of different industries like automotive, oil, construction and electricity power of the country are supplied.

Along with these policies, the top management of the organization has chosen the new quality management policies to be established in the organization with this belief that with running the new appropriate managing systems the quality and quantitative productive processes of the organization can be improved and paced forward more effectively.

Production Diversification:
  1. Bolts from M6 to M30 in size and from 10 to 240 mm in length, with grades of 12.9, 10.9, 8.8 and 6.8.
  2. STUD bolts from½ to 3 inches in size with grades of B7-B7M-L7-B8-B16.
  3. Nuts (hexagonal, flange type, fusion type, metal lock, bowl lock, felt type, and nut washers) from size M6 to M27.
  4. Galvanized coating operation process (white, yellow, green and black chromates) under license and span control of Coventya from France and Zinc Flack coating under license of Magni from United States of America.
  5. Production of different types of bolts and nuts according to the customer order.
  6. Production of different types of engine screws such as cylinder head bolt, engine connecting rod caps for Pride family, EF7, TU5, XU7 and diesel engines. Worthy of mentioned that, this company has got the production diversification of more than 4320 kinds of bolts and nuts in its work-record.
  7. Performing thread locker and water sealing under license of Precote from Germany.
Equipment and Production Lines:

The company has got more than 50 machineries to produce bolts and nuts while substantial contribution of manufactured hardware made by (NedschroefHerentals) from Belgium, EWMENN, Carlo Salvi, Ingramatic and other European companies.

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