It is a great honor and proud that this communicative bridge would allow the interaction between Iran Tohid Company and you dear customers and form its establishment, Iran Tohid Family has aimed at attracting the customers’ satisfaction through improving and maintaining the quality and delivering the goods on time based on commitments to customers. So far, Iran Tohid has insisted on this attitude since of its beginning in 1979.
In today’s whole competitive world in which domestic and foreign companies are trying to allocate a greater share of the market, we have always been trying to keep pace with advances and using latest updating technologies in order to provide products according to customers’ demands. In this regard, we have always conducted our core processes by incorporation and licensees of reputable companies in the world and stayed resistant to this policy despite the high costs and sanctions.
By establishing quality management systems and employing educated and skilled human resources, we are trying to increase efficiency and to make the highest and best use of the existing facilities and equipment.
Dear customers, Iran Tohid hopes you share your invaluable recommendations and suggestions with us in future as you have previously and continuously helped us by your guidance in the case of satisfying your needs based on international standards.

Chief Executive Officer

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